The cost of care can become prohibitively expensive for families seeking to provide their companions with the care they need. 

Sebastian's Love provides an equipment lending library so that families do not have to make difficult choices driven by cost. The library includes assistive and mobility devices, exercise equipment, ramps, harnesses, orthopedic beds and other items to make like better for patients with special needs. Specialized equipment may also be ordered for individual patients, such as braces, bailey's chairs, wheel chairs, etc.

If we don’t have the right equipment; we will get the right equipment.

We've partnered with Colorado State University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital (CSUVTH) to store and distribute our equipment to those in need and maintain two libraries - one managed by the Sports Medicine and Rehab unit and the other managed by the Argus Institute for hospice patients.

If you're looking for support, please use our contact form or talk to any of the veterinarians at the CSUVTH.