Sebastian's Story

I woke up one morning and Sebastian could hardly move; by that evening he was paralyzed.  It was terrifying.  We left for Colorado State Veterinary Teaching Hospital early the next morning, I was not sure I would be bringing him home.  After an MRI, we discovered a herniated disc in his neck causing pressure on his spinal cord.  My wonderful doctor looked at me and said “Sebastian has to be completely quiet and crated for the next 6 weeks.”  I thought she had lost her mind and could not fathom how my boy was going to survive such an atrocious demand.  But survive it we did with great support from CSU and my friends.

Sebastian was in so much pain and I became solely focused on his comfort. I used an orthopedic bed, raised bowls and a Help-em Up Harness to help him recover.  I could not have managed Sebastian without these tools. 

By his second week of confinement, I had taken to sitting with him his cage massaging him or using a Tens Unit for pain.  As usual, I was worrying and suddenly it hit me!  What if someone did not have access to a harness or orthopedic bed, a ramp, or any other tool to help their dog in a time of crisis like this? 

And so, Sebastian’s Love, Inc. was born.

With the wonderful folks at CSU we have created a lending library of equipment from harnesses to wheels, raised bowls to car ramps, and orthopedic beds to braces.  Sebastian’s Love works with Orthopedics, Oncology, Neurology, and Hospice. 

If we don’t have the right equipment; we will get the right equipment.

Sebastian’s Love’s mission is to give all families the means to provide their companion with the tools to heal with comfort.  I hope this library will help many families through their journey.

- Ann