Ann & Sebastian


Enzo, loved by Maria


Percy, loved by Shawna

Ms Maddie, loved by Ann


Monty, loved by Stacie 


Ann, Oliver, and Alistair




Kadie, loved by kelly

I can’t begin to explain the impact that Sebastian’s Love has had on our family. My Scottish Terrier, Kadie, was diagnosed with a nerve root sarcoma originating on her spinal cord in her neck. It was inoperable, and Kadie was paralyzed overnight. I was devastated. The medical goal was to make her as comfortable as possible while she underwent radiation treatment to try to eradicate the tumor and then to wait for results. We were told the tumor was very painful for Kadie and were given pain medications to give her. Kadie was not sleeping well and a bit frightened. In came Sebastian’s Love. We were loaned Sebastian’s very own Tens Unit to use on Kadie to try to alleviate pain and to help her to sleep. The Tens unit, when applied to Kadie’s skin, would send gentle and rhythmic pulses to her areas of pain. It was magical, and allowed Kadie to sleep peacefully over the next few weeks. It was a Godsend. 4 weeks later, our beloved Kadie passed away. It was very, very difficult and I could not sleep. I missed her so much and wondered if I had made all of the right decisions for her over the previous 4 weeks. Then, I saw Sebastian’s Tens unit sitting on the table where I had cared for Kadie at home. On a whim, I attached it to the back of my neck and laid down. I wanted to feel the feeling Kadie had had when she was resting peacefully. I immediately fell asleep. Sebastian’s Tens unit helped not only my beloved Kadie in her final weeks, but for one grateful moment, helped me through my grief as well. I will never be able to thank Ann and Sebastian for their kindness and generosity through a very difficult time. They gave us both peace, comfort and hope in our darkest days. Sebastian’s Love is a wonderful organization that helps to make a difficult diagnosis just a little bit easier.